Reconstruction Procedures

Breast Reconstruction

Possible treatments for breast cancer include lumpectomy (removing part of the breast tissue to remove the tumor) and mastectomy (removing all the breast tissue to effectively remove tumors). Breast reconstruction is a procedure that is used to restore the breast to its normal size, shape, and appearance. Potential processes within this procedure include the flap technique, implants, and tissue expansion.

Scar Revision

Scars are a noticeable blemish in the skin. They often are a different color and texture than the skin around them. Repressed scars are lower set than surrounding skin, and raised scars sit higher. Depending on the size, traits, and location of a particular scar; as well as the complexion and skin traits of a patient, different techniques may be applied to minimize or remove the effects of the scar.

Earlobe Repair

Years of wearing earrings, combined with aging, can cause elongated piercing tracts. These elongated tracts can be restored to their youthful past. Gauged, scarred, stretched, and torn through lobes can be healed and restored. Healthy lobes that are an undesirable size and structure can be altered as well to provide the best aesthetic as well as function for wearing ear piercings.

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer removal is a personal and important procedure. Depending on the size, location, and depth of the cancer, techniques ranging from a doing a simple incision to conducting micrographic surgery may be implemented. These techniques, as well as post-surgical treatment, will remove the cancer and help minimize scarring to restore healthy skin.

Tissue Expansion

Tissue Expansion is a procedure to naturally create additional skin and tissue of a patient, to be used in reconstruction procedures.  An expander is inserted to promote the growth of new tissue. When new tissue has been generated, the expander is removed and the new tissue is used in the treatment area. This process is common in breast reconstruction.