Body Procedures

Arm Lift

The technical name for this procedure is a brachioplasty. Excess skin and fat are removed the under side of the arm to achieve better aesthetic for your arms and upper body. This procedure will effectively give your arms (and subsequently your torso) a more fit, toned, and proportioned appearance.

Who Is A Candidate?

It is normal effect of the aging process for the skin and tissue on the arm to lose its elasticity and become saggy. Fat accumulation is also a natural side effect of aging. Individuals who are generally healthy but have a sagging and unproportioned appearance in their arms and torso area are excellent candidates for this procedure. Any individual with good general health who is seeking to remove excess skin and fat in the arms is also a great candidate for this procedure.

Those with medical conditions that may interfere with proper healing may not be suitable candidates for this procedure. Smokers, and patients expecting unrealistic results also may not be suitable candidates for an arm lift.

The Surgery

As always, the best results will come from honest teamwork between you and Dr. Paydar. After regions for reduction are decided, anesthesia will be administered to reduce pain in the operation. Incisions will then be made to allow access to remove the excess skin and fat. These incisions are often made on the inner and back regions of the upper arm. The identified excess skin and fat are removed and the arm is reshaped. When the arm structures have been lifted, the skin is then pulled tight and all incisions are sutured.

After Your Surgery

It is normal for swelling, bruising, and discoloration to occur in the arm after the procedure. These side effects will completely subside in the weeks following your procedure. To aid in the recovery process, your arms may be wrapped in elastic bandages and compression garments immediately following the operation.

To help maintain complete results, you should plan to maintain a stable body weight and stay physically active. Also, a follow up appointment with Dr. Paydar will be beneficial to assess your healing process and determine if any additional treatment is needed.