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Improving the appearance of the overall facial features often times start with the nose. Large bumps, crooked structure, previous breaks from sports or accidents can be corrected. However, not all nose surgeries Dr. Paydar performs are cosmetic. Surgeries to improve the function of the nose are often performed because of trauma or birth defects.

As aging occurs, skin loses its elasticity and begins to form wrinkles and sag. With large amounts of direct sun exposure, as well as constant movement from facial expression, the brow and forehead tend to be the first areas of the face to show signs of aging. A brow lift helps decrease wrinkles in the forehead as well treat frown lines. Drooping upper eyelids and forehead skin are adjusted to restore a more youthful face and expression.

Life inevitably leaves its mark on our faces. Whether it is from an automobile accident, past acne, burns from straighteners and curlers, or sun exposure, we all have imperfections in our facial skin. Dermabrasion removes a few outer layers of the skin to get rid of ware and blemishes and allow new, smoother skin to heal in its place.

Protruding can be corrected. Pinnaplsty, or Otoplasty, removes extra cartilage behind the ear to allow the ear to protrude less and be an aesthetic distance from the head. Any irregular or unwanted shape, position, or proportion of the ears can also be corrected. This procedure will not impair hearing.

Years of wearing earrings, combined with aging, can cause elongated piercing tracts. These elongated tracts can be restored to their youthful past. Gauged, scarred, stretched, and torn through lobes can be healed and restored. Healthy lobes that are an undesirable size and structure can be altered as well to provide the best aesthetic as well as function for wearing ear piercings.

A common and proper method for the brow lift procedure, endoscopic brow lifts allows for minimal incisions and accurate results. Small incisions are made at the hair line. A small endoscopic camera is inserted into these incisions to give vision to the surgeon underneath the skin. A scalpel is used adjust the skin and muscles in the forehead to achieve a youthful and vibrant look.

It is a normal result of aging for the eyelids to droop. This drooping may cause partial vision impairment, bags under the eyes, wrinkles, and an unappealing exterior shape of the eye. These problems can be corrected. In addition, because the eyes are the most prominent feature of the face, their shape and aesthetic is important. The eyelids influence the shape of the eye. Some shape correction can be achieved. Eyelids without a natural crease can be corrected as well.

Skin in the face naturally loses elasticity through aging. This causes wrinkles, drooping around the eyes, lines along the edge of the nose toward the mouth, and jowls along the jawline, and double chins. A facelift will correct all these problems and restore a youthful look through removing excessive skin where needed and tightening the muscles and tissues of the face and neck.

Fat is transferred from the patient’s stomach or thighs, purified, and then injected into the face to restore a youthful appearance to facial features. When an adult has lost their baby fat, but has not yet began to age, a healthy and youthful shape tends to dominate their face. This shape is much like a triangle with the cheeks near the eyes being full and the rest of the face thinning toward the through the jaw towards the chin. As we age, the fatty deposits in our face that achieve this beautiful shape drop to the lower parts of our cheeks and neck. Facial fat grafting restores the full and healthy shape of the face in early adulthood.

Full, plump lips are attractive and suggest health and youthfulness. It is natural for the lips to thin with aging. Lip augmentation injects filler into the lips to enhance their size and features. Smaller lips from birth are common as well. These can effectively be treated with the same processes to enhance young and healthy lips for a more luscious look.

Aging causes skin in the face and neck to sag. It also increases fat accumulations. These combined can cause a double chin. This is corrected to improve the appearance of the neck through removing excess skin and fat in those areas. Excess skin and fat in the neck for an otherwise young and healthy individual gives the appearance of being heavier than they are. A neck lift is effective for correcting this condition as well.

Many people experience increased accumulation of fat in the neck as aging occurs. Others have  excess neck fat throughout their lives. This excess fat can cause double chins, and the appearance of being overweight. This procedure effectively removes the excess fat in this neck area to enhance the form and beauty of the jawline.