Body Procedures

Thigh Lift

The Thigh Lift procedure effectively removes excess skin and fat in the thigh area to improve the appearance of the thighs. This procedure may be beneficial to both women and men. A combination of liposuction and excision may be used in this procedure to accomplish the desired results of each patient who desires to improve the contour of their thigh areas.

Who is a Candidate?

Any woman or man who is dissatisfied with the current condition of their thighs, and is motivated for change, may be a good candidate for this procedure. Common potential patients are those who have excess skin on their thighs from extreme weight loss. Others may have excessive skin from natural aging. Ultimately, anyone who is dissatisfied with their current legs and is motivated for change may be a candidate for this procedure.

The Surgery

After considering all variables in your personal anatomy, skin, and desired results, Dr Paydar will make incisions at key locations along the thighs. Anesthesia will be administered during the operation to treat the natural pain of surgery. From the incisions, liposuction and excision may be used to remove excess fat, skin, and tissue. The treated areas are then properly sutured and dressed for complete healing.

After My Surgery

You can expect to feel discomfort and irritation at the incision locations. Pain medication will be prescribed to help treat these natural postoperative effects. It is natural to experience tightness, bruising, and swelling at the treated thigh areas. Compression garments may be given to you to help secure the healing areas after your operation. Recovery times vary from patient to patient. You may expect to be walking within the first week of recovery. Returning to work, however, is not suggested until three weeks. Avoid exercise and physically stressful activities for at least six weeks after the surgery to ensure that treated areas are healed and able to withstand the pressures of physical exertion.