Body Procedures

Body Lift

The primary focus of a body lift is not to remove excess fat. This may be implemented as part of the procedure, but if excessive amounts or fat need to be removed, a liposuction may be implemented to achieve this objective. A body lift is primarily focused on tightening loose and sagging skin and tissue to correct the effects of poor elasticity. The end result is an improved shape of the body and a young and healthy appearance.

Who’s a Candidate?

Persons who have lost a large amount of weight and have loose excess skin and tissue are ideal candidates for a body lift. Patients who wish to treat the effects of poor skin elasticity that comes with aging may consider a body lift as well. Smokers and persons who have health conditions that may inhibit the healing process of the procedure may not qualify for a body lift.

The Surgery

Anesthesia will be administered to reduce the pain of the operation. A carefully selected series of techniques will then be used to effectively create incisions for removal of excess skin, fat, and tissues. Underlying tissues also will be altered to give an appealing form. If additional fat needs removed, liposuction may be implemented. Once all excess areas and deposits are effectively removed, the skin is pulled to beautifully overlay your new shape. All incisions and tissue alterations are sutured and dressed. Skin adhesives and tapes may also be used to give your healing body the best conditions for recovery.

After Your Surgery

It is normal to experience soreness and swelling at incision and alteration areas on your body after your procedure is complete. After treated areas are properly dressed, you may be given compression garments and elastic bandages to help reduce swelling and promote recovery. The final status of your body lift will be apparent once swelling has subsided and skin coloration returns to normal. It is important to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle after the operation to ensure that preventable complications are avoided.